Saturday, September 24, 2011

Si I see Him by Heart...

Papa here, with his mga kapatid
(L-R: Auntie Carie, Uncle Beb, Uncle Ping, Auntie Kitz, (Papa) & Auntie Jo

Papa, is not a fancy dresser, he's not fanatic

of brands. With few simple & clean clothes,
pants, slippers and shoes
that he wears upon his feet. 

He don't belong to any club & organization, except with the senior citizen organization.
Mama & Papa
He never owned & drived a shiny car, he don't even go too far!
He never dined in a fine cuisine, fast food and resto for him is a treat. He just use a simple stainless spoon & fork or just bare "kinamot".
Papa, has only the nipa house which almost & always run out of everything. He keeps his lawn from twigs, and trim the grass...
Papa works with his not stable job, a land surveyor for long time now, gamay ra ug kita, usahay dili pa gyud sakto ang bayad, but he can NEVER complain for some reasons he only know... Even if he is sick and tired

he has to work so bad!

Papa do not have the MATERIAL things, but
 only few good friends and family makes his life complete.
He is not well versed in conversing businessmen, only
 some wisdom he instantly imparts.
Papa and Mama embraced simplicity in life together for riches doesn't taste.

Papa & Mama sa dining table...
Material wealth God doesn't give him, what he had was us, his children to treasure in his life, TWO HANDSOME SONS & FIVE BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTERS
and a very special wife,...

Papa doesn't have money, and his life is not a show, but for me, he is the richest man I know.
Si Papa para sa uban is just an ordinary poor man, & fame he's never had,
but he is the greatest man I ever knew...,
HE IS MY DAD, & HE LOVES my MOM so much! Salamat Pa!

Papa & Mama sa may veranda sa among balay...

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