Wednesday, June 15, 2011 vital signs...

us, in a dinner, celebrating our 23rd wedding anniversary
(April 7, 2011)

-the kiddo-

me, with my younger sisters: Nene & Bebop

my youngest sister - JOAN...

me again with my younger sisters: Nene & Dedeng (Sr. Juliet, DJE)

my younger brother, Joel

another younger brother of mine, Joey

my mother-in-law, Mama Pitang

my dad, ha ha wala teeth...

my mom, in her younger years...

Papa & Mama  (my parents) (◕_◕)

me without make up
me, with make up on...

1 comment:

  1. hello mommy Joy.
    kamusta ka na? although medyo medyo mataba ka, lalo ka na yata gumanda and in fairness di tumatanda mommy... how time flies, malaki na mga kids mo, regards me to them and to kuya Buen.
    miss you mommy.