Wednesday, June 15, 2011

si Papa....

<--- ANTONIO B. RIMANDO,  my father...
though am sure how to reach you
On this very special day and any other day and everyday,
I decided to write "something" from my heart here in my blog.
I have some things I need to say which isn't the usual 
thing I do.
I would first like to thank you,
For bringing me to this world.

Thanks to you Papa, because I learned how to
 hold my head high
And carry my self with pride
Thanks to you I am somebody now
Who will never run and hide...

Through you I’ve learned to face my fears
And take each day as it comes
as You said;
"YOU cannot take anything with you when patay na ta!"
What’s done is done, ug dili na ma balik!

To me, 
You lead by example that others around don't see
not even by my siblings...And because of you I’ve learned a lot
Thanks to all the dedication that you have demonstrated
especially the way you loved Mama 
the way you take care of  her even before, 
I see all these when I was younger...bisa'g wala ta gipang ka-on, ug bisan wala ta
material things in possession...
Never have I seen you give up
And thus in me you’ve instilled the fight
in some aspect of  journey in life...



  1. kaka-touch naman itong blog na 'to.

  2. ate Joy, ikaw na ba? nice piece. imo ning Papa? kanawong gud ka sa imong Papa Ate. hehehehe. naa ka Davao Ate? ako ni-a na Dubai working in a clinic of a surgeon, murag hospital iyang clinic Ate.